Ride for Life

This “Ride for Life” series is based on my 1st of 3 years cycling with the “Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer” in Alberta’s foothills.  Some ideas I explore are:  uphill climb, perseverence, strength, triumph and victory.  The predominant colour is “spring green” symbolizing new life & hope.   For 2011 article in Leap Magazine, go to http://myleapmagazine.ca/2011/03/my-leap-3/ 

Fine Art Prints available of  “The Ride Begins” in 3 sizes:  10″ x 10″ ($50),  12″ x 12″ ($60) &  20″ x 20″ ($100).  Please go to contact page to order a print.  NOTE:  I will donate 25% of sales to the Alberta Cancer Foundation.