“Adept at portraying the lush grasses and scrub brush of the northern Prairies, this painter (Liz Sullivan) produces work that is wonderfully loose and not slavishly realistic.  Working with red underpainting, Sullivan loves the texture of her medium, the process of drawing with paint and the joy of making marks on canvas.”  Gilbert Bouchard, Art Reviewer for the Edmonton Journal, April 3, 2009

“What I love about the artwork of  Liz Sullivan is the depth of colour and vibrancy which her paintings bring to any space. I have several of Ms. Sullivans works and I love the feeling of warmth and texture which they bring to my home…”       Heather Forrest, Calgary Collector

“The painting spoke to me as I saw Liz walking past on her way to a classroom. My new painting will hang right by my comfy reading chair so I can enjoy the colours and movement of the painting, they make me feel happy!”  Carole Stoker, Calgary Collector